Entry for October 19, 2007

October 18, 2007

Moi nguoi nghi’a xem 2 video clips:

“Hoa va Chim” mo’i lam toi nay (toan photos chup tu may anh cu ri’ch voi cai portable do’): phan lo’n hoa la’ co cay deu chup tren dinh Bastille, Chartheuse hay Vercos. Con chim cho’c la chup o cai’ parc naturel quen ten roi, o gan Lyon

-Tu cam thanh (cit�� interdite ben Trung Quoc): ca’i nay upload len net lau roi, nhung ko co’ music vi dot a’y test thu. De lu’c nao ranh, se lam co’ music va tron ven ca hanh trinh.


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